Is It Possible To Develop A Habit That Sticks?

At Traya, we think that having excellent habits is a pleasurable experience. However, forming a new habit is quite difficult. Big dreams are not achieved immediately, but rather over time via hard work and dedication. A great deal of information can be found on the internet that attempts to address this topic.

However, the reality is that there are no shortcuts. The process of developing a habit is comprised of tiny steps made in the direction of a greater win. These successes come in the shape of satisfied consumers in our case. Every effort makes a difference when it comes to creating good hair care habits. This is the foundation of the Traya therapeutic strategy.

Consider the case of Dhruv, a client who has been suffering from hair loss for the previous two years. When he switched to the Traya Regime, he grew accustomed to following the treatment plan on a regular basis, to the point where it became a habit (with a little help from his hair coach). “I’ve reached a point where if I don’t apply the minoxidil, I feel as though something is missing.” Dhruv adds. It’s just that it feels strange.”

What does it take to become a habit in the first place?

The first stage in making long-term changes is to establish routines rather than direct habits. This is the first step in making changes that will endure. This indicates that the work must be a routine that is completed on a frequent basis to the point that it unwittingly becomes a habit.

What is the best way to begin?

Determine what you want to achieve by following this practise and then work toward that objective. For example, you could want to get a full head of hair in 7-8 months by following this programme and then working toward that goal. While doing so, it’s crucial to realise that improvements require time, patience, and a strong sense of self-discipline and dedication on your own.

Set a realistic goal:

Second, consider the reasons why you haven’t been able to obtain satisfactory hair growth in the past. A busy lifestyle, stress, just forgetting to complete the chore, or even simply admitting that you’re just plain lazy might all be contributing factors.

Work proactively against these bottlenecks:

The next step would be to work proactively against these roadblocks before they ever decide to appear. In order to assist you, your hair coach may advise that you set an alarm on your phone for when it is time to take the medicine or place a post-it note where you normally sit so that you are reminded to apply the hair root serum. By putting up effort to overcome these hurdles, you will be able to reach at least halfway there.

Don’t expect immediate results:

Expect no instant benefits if, for example, you begin eating more healthfully and exercising out at the gym regularly. You will not see immediate changes in your physique even if you follow the programme for a few weeks.

As an alternative, if you maintain a regular diet and exercise regimen for a period of time, such as a year, you may appear radically different to a friend or family who hasn’t seen you in a long while. The same may be said about expecting your hair to grow in a month’s timeframe. If you want to see the results you want, you’ll have to be a bit patient and extremely consistent.

What is the best way to maintain this habit?

If you’re still having trouble keeping your discipline, here are some recommendations to help you develop healthy habits that will last:

Start small

Lifestyle transformations occur not as a result of huge changes, but rather as a result of incremental modifications in daily behaviours. Begin by just adhering to 30 percent of the diet plan, then gradually raise that percentage to 50 percent in a week, and so on.

Remind yourself of the reward:

Continually remind yourself that the rewards of healthy hair and health will accrue if you adhere to the prescribed procedures. There is no question that the advantages will be delayed, but the end product will be spectacular.

Overcome the “dip”:

The term “dip” refers to a period of decreased motivation. Sadly, many of our clients fall prey to this “dip” and abandon the therapy when they do not receive the results they were hoping for. You could definitely bring a friend with you to keep the two of you motivated while you’re out there.

Don’t expect a complete transformation:

If you expect a total metamorphosis, you may be dissatisfied. Don’t assess your development too fast, or you may be disappointed. Allow yourself some breathing room till you’ve gotten your act together.


 Developing good habits requires a significant amount of time and effort. The ability to hold yourself accountable for your actions and refuse to let yourself off the hook is what might help you stick to a resolution. You may always get in contact with your hair coach if you want any assistance along the way in attaining your hair and health objectives.







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