How to Use Giloy For Hair and the Advantages of Doing So

Natural goods are gaining enormous popularity these days due to their medicinal potential and the fact that, when compared to clinical medications, they have virtually no side effects. Giloy or guduchi, technically known as Tinospora cordifolia, is one of the most extensively used traditional medicines in Ayurvedic literature and is one of the most widely used traditional medicines in the world.

Giloy for hair is a notion that is well-known in the world of ayurveda. The advantages of Giloy for hair include hair protection, hair loss prevention, hair renewal, and general improvement in hair health.

What is the best way to use Giloy For Hair?

One of the most reassuring aspects of ayurvedic medicines is their accessibility and simplicity of usage in everyday life. To reap the advantages of guduchi hair, one may easily produce a DIY giloy hair treatment at home.

Giloy for hair growth: To produce a hair mask out of giloy leaves, simply follow these simple instructions. Giloy for hair growth: Gather around 5-6 giloy leaves. Combine 4 teaspoon aloe vera gel, 1 tablespoon curd, and 1 vitamin E capsule in a small mixing bowl (optional). Make a fine, smooth paste using your hands. Apply this hair mask for approximately 30 minutes before rinsing it out. This mask may be used once a week to reap the advantages of giloy for the hair.

Giloy is used in the treatment of dandruff. As a result of its Katu (pungent) and Kashaya (astringent) properties, Giloy is extremely effective in the treatment of dandruff. This helps to remove the dandruff and itchy scalp. Simply combine giloy leaves powder with water or rose water and apply it to the hair, followed by a shampooing session.

Dandelions can cause an obstruction in hair development, hence removing dandelions can help to promote hair growth in some cases. Guduchi can work wonders for the hair, and there is a lot more to learn about the advantages of giloy for hair and how to use giloy for hair if you look into it.

The Advantages of Using Giloy for Your Hair

Giloy, also known as guduchi, is considered an amrita in Ayurveda since it is effective in the treatment of a variety of ailments. It is effective against skin, hair, and immune-related illnesses. Assuming that we already know how to use giloy on hair, we will proceed to learn more about the product’s effect.

In part, the antioxidant activity of Giloy, which works on the hair stem and protects it from oxidative damage produced by free radicals in the body, is responsible for its hair-promoting effects. Giloy is commonly referred to as an antioxidant superfood because of its high concentration of antioxidants.

Damage to the hair begins at the roots and progresses to the ends, resulting in split ends, roughness, and fragility. When applied to the hair, guduchi may have a number of beneficial effects, including improving scalp health through detoxification, boosting lustrous hairs by mending cell damage caused by oxidation, and minimising hair loss owing to damaged hair follicles.

As well as possessing antioxidant characteristics, guduchi also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which aid in the reduction of redness and irritation, both of which are commonly recognised as contributing reasons to bald patches, also known as alopecia areata.

Giloy has a number of health benefits.

Giloy can be used in a variety of situations. Besides its use as a hairdresser’s component, it has a variety of other uses that have an impact on different regions of the body. Here are a few examples of those that have been discussed:

Giloy juice benefits for weight loss

Giloy juice should be consumed on an empty stomach, with a drop of honey added to taste. It is thought to regulate and stimulate a quicker metabolism, which in turn assists in the reduction of body fat. Additional Giloy advantages include the ability to maintain healthy blood pressure and stress levels, which is beneficial in weight control.

Immune boosting properties of giloy juice

Traditionally, it is drunk in the form of kadha, which is concentrated hot giloy juice blended with tulsi or neem juice for the purpose of immunity building. The ingestion of giloy over an extended period of time is thought to aid in the development of immunity against bacterial infections, since giloy is considered to combat abrupt external stress.

More clinical study is needed, however, to better understand the immune-boosting properties of giloy. Giloy juice advantages include aiding in the cleansing of the body over time. It eliminates waste products such as toxins and bacteria that collect in the body and must be expelled from the body on a regular basis.

The advantages of giloy leaves

Giloy can also be eaten raw, provided that it has been carefully washed first. Giloy leaves improve gut health, which helps to improve overall health. Long-term usage of giloy leaves may assist one by alleviating arthritis, indigestion, nausea, and anorexia.

The proper amount of Giloy to ingest for healthy hair and skin

Guduchi is a traditional ayurvedic herb that has been used for thousands of years, dating back to the time of the Vedas. It is thought that guduchi or giloy do not have any negative side effects or negative impacts on the body.

It has recently been recognised as a superb herb for post-covid care, and the medical media has enthralled the general public with the guduchi plant’s many advantages, in addition to being known as “giloy for hair.” Individuals with certain illness conditions, on the other hand, must exercise caution, since excessive ingestion of guduchi might result in the following negative effects:

You can be experiencing constipation or merely noticing inconsistent bowel motions.

Guduchi is well-known for its ability to decrease blood sugar levels, and consuming giloy juice in conjunction with diabetic medications can result in significant blood sugar reduction.

You must already be familiar with the use of giloy for hair; it is now time to consider how to ingest giloy. Giloy pills (500 mg) or two 250 mg tablets (twice a day) are indicated as the appropriate dose.

It is sufficient to consume one tiny cup of giloy juice if one is drinking it. Put another way, the appropriate quantity of guduchi can be quite beneficial, but excessive use might be detrimental. Visit us here to learn more about the giloy advantages for hair, as well as the proper use and dose for this product.


If you’re seeking for ayurvedic or herbal immune boosters, giloy is a good option to consider. Giloy for hair and its health advantages have already been discussed in the preceding article, which should have provided you with more information. Guduchi, also known as the amrita, is effective for everything from bringing down fever to regenerating hair. Traya is a great place to get all of the health advantages of guduchi.


Q1) Is giloy a good hair growth supplement?

Giloy benefits for hair include its anti-dandruff properties, which are due to its astringent nature, as well as its high concentration of antioxidants, which aid in the regeneration of hair by repairing follicle damage caused by free radicals.

Giloy benefits for skin include its anti-inflammatory properties, which are due to its anti-inflammatory nature. In a nutshell, it promotes hair development while also improving the health of the hair.

Q2) Giloy has certain negative side effects, which are listed below.

The incorrect dosage of guduchi can result in constipation as well as a drop in blood sugar levels, which can result in lethargy and fatigue. As a result, it is critical to understand the proper dosage before beginning a regular giloy regimen.

Q3) Is it possible to consume giloy on a daily basis?

Yes, a dose of 250-500mg of giloy is recommended. A doctor should be consulted if you are suffering from any of the following conditions: For example, while it is anti-diabetic in nature, daily ingestion may cause issues for persons who suffer from low blood sugar levels on a regular basis.

Q4) Is giloy considered a steroid?

Guducchi is not a steroid in any sense of the word. It is absolutely risk-free to use.







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