Do Shampoos Really Work? Is it a Fact or a Fiction?

People have been attempting to avoid hair loss for as long as there has been a hair care business claiming to be able to remedy the problem. But, how many times has shampoo fallen short of your expectations as a hair loss treatment?

This is due to the fact that individuals are too eager to seek a cure in the form of a shampoo, which, when taken alone, is ineffective as a hair loss therapy. What criteria do we use to determine who is telling the truth? Let’s have a look and see.

What do shampoo companies claim?

Look at it this way: the majority of these well-known shampoo brands promise to minimise hair breakage, nourish hair from the very first wash, and- most importantly- reduce hair fall by up to 98 percent. Did you fall prey to this trap as well, only to be left dissatisfied when you didn’t achieve the outcomes you were hoping for? Well, we don’t blame you since you weren’t aware of how a shampoo truly works.

Shampoo includes molecules called surfactants a.k.a soap. Just like sperm, this soap has a head and a tail. When this soap is combined with water, the head of the soap joins to water while the tail binds to the oil, grease and grime in the hair. In this method as the water washes out the soap, the dirt from the hair linked to this soap is also rinsed away.

Does shampoo actually work?

A shampoo has a relatively short duration of contact with the scalp and hair follicles that are responsible for the development or loss of hair. So, it merely doesn’t have enough time to encourage hair renewal or prevent hair loss. This indicates that a shampoo helps just to clear the scalp of the dirt and sebum build up and does not treat hair loss problems.

What does science have to say about hair loss?

Genetic hair loss occurs because certain persons have a sensitivity to the hormone DHT. Well, DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a sex hormone and a by product of testosterone. This DHT has a significant job to perform in the growth of your muscles, voice modulations, and hair stereotypically in an adult guy.

A quick rise of the DHT levels in the body is what causes hair loss since DHT limits the delivery of blood to the cells of your hair follicles. This inadequate blood flow to hair follicles is what causes them to fall out. Excess DHT can be blocked with the aid of natural and pharmaceutical substances.

Factors that worsen DHT production and promote hair loss include age, heredity, hormonal imbalance, bad food and environmental factors. Besides this, drinking and smoking, vitamin deficiency, stress, poor metabolism or a disrupted lifestyle also induces hair loss.

If not shampoo, then what will stop hair loss !?

It’s simple. Traya’s 3 fold technique will. To treat the many reasons of hair loss, Traya blends Ayurveda, Dermatology and Nutrition that provides you assured results within 5 months of the comprehensive plan. The best aspect about Traya’s holistic approach is that you may chat to your hair specialist at any moment.

After thoroughly examining your hair fall and underlying health conditions, the physicians at Traya suggest a therapy that is totally individualised to aid you with new hair development. In case you don’t notice the expected results in 5 months, we assure you with a complete money return policy.


The judgement demonstrates that there is no miraculous shampoo out there that will reverse your hair loss. But all hope is not gone when you’ve got Traya by your side. Get in touch with professionals at Traya and don’t simply grow hair but rather maintain your nutrition and health in control as well. Book a call now.


Accomplish shampoos truly do anything?

Shampoo helps to eliminate debris, oil and perspiration from the scalp. Other shampoos that include ketoconazole are efficient in eradicating dandruff as well.

Does shampoo halt hair fall?

No, shampoos don’t get within the hair strands and hence cannot aid with growth or prevent hair fall.

Is it OK to never shampoo your hair?

Just because a shampoo doesn’t reduce hair fall doesn’t mean that you should never shampoo your hair. If you don’t shampoo, your hair will be packed with filth, oil and perspiration.







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