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  • Do Shampoos Really Work? Is it a Fact or a Fiction?

    People have been attempting to avoid hair loss for as long as there has been a hair care business claiming to be able to remedy the problem. But, how many times has shampoo fallen short of your expectations as a hair loss treatment? This is due to the fact that individuals are too eager to […]

  • Camphor (Kapur) Hair Care Benefits

    In addition to its usage in spiritual activities and medicinal advantages, camphor’s powerful and pungent perfume has a lot to offer. Most of your day-to-day health problems can be solved with this simple sweet-smelling substance. Learn how to use camphor on your hair and the advantages it provides. There is a strong but calming aroma […]

  • Alopecia areata is a kind of hair loss.

    In medical terms, alopecia is the word used to describe hair loss. Naturally occurring causes, various disorders, and the usage of drugs are all possible explanations for this phenomenon. It’s also possible that you have hereditary hair loss. The pattern of hair loss can be as diverse as a bald patch on your scalp to […]